French independent gaming company Ubisoft has purchased a 70 percent share in Copenhagen-based mobile game developer Green Panda, a leading mobile games developer best known for its free-time, idle games like Sushi Bar and Bees. For shareholders interested in putting money into the small Copenhagen based company, the sale allows for a dual purpose. While the acquisition is primarily focused on freeing up financial resources for the larger gaming group, this also provides an opportunity to be involved in a rapidly growing mobile game industry.

“We are very excited to welcome the talented people at Green Panda into the fold,” said John Robertson, founder and president of Accolade, Inc. “Their creativity and drive will enable us to launch new products on a greater scale, increase our revenue, and accelerate our growth in the fast-growing world of online games.” In addition to the purchase of Green Panda’s shares in Pixologic, Inc., the move will free up funding for Accolade to focus on developing new and innovative mobile entertainment applications. The combined company will continue to operate independently and achieve unprecedented success. “Panda bears the mark of a great acquisition for Accolade,” said Mike Johnson, CEO of Accolade. “Panda has built a solid foundation of highly skilled technical artists,” added Johnson. “The combination of an experienced management team and the creative genius of Pixologic, Inc. will create an explosion of new products on a faster basis while increasing our profitability.”

The sale of panda game assets marks the second major partnership between Accolade and the upstart mobile game developer. In May, the two companies announced a strategic alliance involving the purchase of a majority interest in a new mobile game development studio. The acquisition of the studio by Accolade provides a significant infusion of capital into the business and will enable the company to grow and expand into new markets. The addition of the university football game to the roster of digital download offerings from Accolade reinforces this alliance further.

The game that was developed internally at Pixologic is being offered to consumers through the Facebook application. The news release from the company refers to the new product as a “sports experience” that will allow users “to enjoy the unique blend of technology and passion for sports.” The panda game is available free on Facebook and requires Facebook account access to play. The social networking website has become one of the most popular places on the web to locate people, locate events, and chat with friends.

The panda game is a very simple, yet fun game that is accessible from the application. It is designed as a matchmaking game, in which players must select their friends and fellow gamers from a pool of friends that they have established on Facebook. Players earn points by inviting friends to their “friends list” and those points are added together each time they are invited to a game. The objective of the game is to make the highest score of all the players. There are two game modes, which include the offline and online modes.

The second game in the Panda Games selection is called Hail Mary. This highly competitive vignette is set against a backdrop of racing cars that race across a multi-lane track. The object is to be the first player to cross the finish line without colliding with an opponent vehicle. If a player collides with an opponent car, they lose the game and the possibility of winning the game increases. The game is designed for two players on each individual track.

The third game in the selection is called Lanes. In this Panda Games title, the goal is to take your vehicle through a course filled with hurdles. Your vehicle moves at the pace set by the game, but your vehicle is not allowed to jump or overtake another vehicle. You must remain centered and pass through each level one at a time without jumping out of lane. Once you reach the end of the race, the game ends and you move forward to the next challenge.

The fourth and final challenge in the Panda Games selection is called The Emperor’s Garden. In this game, you will have an opportunity to take control of the weather. The objective is to make it to the finish line without getting hit by lightning. The game has two different play modes, which include the Story and the Endless Game modes. The story mode allows you to re-enact scenes from the movie as you attempt to complete the task given to you while the endless game mode challenges you to find all the objects within a certain time period and complete them without letting the timer run out.

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