There is a great selection of Papa’s Games to play. Regardless of whether you want to play a friendly game, or challenge yourself with puzzles, there are options to suit your tastes. The variety of games available can be fun or at least interesting, depending on your goals. Below, we’ve listed some of the available games, with brief descriptions of each.

Flipline Mania – Race your feet against the time clock, while avoiding spikes and other obstacles on this challenging, full version game. Papa has several restaurants around the globe, including his flagship taco stand, bakeries, and soup shop. You could select any of the following employees, or create your own personal character from scratch. The harder levels require more energy, while the easier ones are simply a dash of speed.

Hot Doggeriahd – Race to the top as you try to cook the most delicious food in the shortest amount of time. Using your mobile device, navigate through different environments and restaurants, using the street points to guide your progress. On average, this takes about ten minutes to complete. The full version game is available for free on the Android Market, while the iPhone version can only be downloaded for a fee.

Flipline Studios: Create the ultimate professional rodeo, as you charge an elephant back into an arena. Control the mood of the animals, as they follow your commands. Use the right controls, as lightning bolts and powerful punches are available to execute at will. Create the perfect blend of speed, finesse, touch screen precision, and rhythm to take down your opponents. The full version of the game can be downloaded from the Android Market for free and has been used by millions of people around the globe. Viewing the YouTube video has also helped millions of people learn more about this exciting rodeo game.

Another one of the exciting games featured on the Papa’s Games mobile app is Wingpack, which is the best workout and cardio game on the android market. Pause your intense workout as you fly through a series of obstacle courses and power up your vehicle. With six different airports to crash into, and multiple ways to score, the full version game of Wingpack is sure to get your juices flowing and leave you feeling pumped.

Papa’s Games Mobile: Race to the Top with Wingpack is another exciting game that pushes your limits as you make your way through over sixty challenging levels of pure adrenaline rush. Test your endurance against the equally challenging leaderboards placed throughout the game. As you make your way through each airport, do so without slowing down or dying! The full version game of Wingpack is available from the Google Play Store for free and is proving to be one of the most popular apps on the android market right now.

Another exciting game on the Google Play Store for free is Kaiko vs. taco Migraines, which was previously known as Kaikoura HD. This time around, gamers can dive into the jungle via a trickle pod and blast away all manner of zombies and other obstacles in your path using only a snorkel. The full version game of Kaiko vs. Taco Migraines will push your gaming skills to the limit as you maneuver your boat through channels filled with sharks. A strong breeze will push your boat and you have to utilize your tail to steer it through the water. It is up to you to make it to the end!

If you own a smartphone or tablet of some sort, you may want to download the free games app from Flipline Studios in order to add new ways to play the many entertaining games that are available from the app. You can play as T-bone the turtle, run through walls, throw firecrackers at zombies, or climb ladders to reach the highest platforms in the pizzeria. You can find more of the top notch games for mobile devices such as these apps by searching “papa’s games” on Google.

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